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McCasland Foundation

The McCasland Foundation was established on December 26, 1950, by T.H. McCasland, founder of Mack Energy Co. His philosophy, adopted by his children and grandchildren, views granting money as giving back to the community the opportunities and generosity received. The current trustees include all family members from the second and third generations.

The Foundation started with $500 in assets and has a perpetual existence. In almost 60 years, the Foundation has grown to assets of over $35 million. The Foundation grants money almost exclusively in the state of Oklahoma and concentrates its efforts in the Southwest region of the state. It is beginning to be open to grant requests in Louisiana. The main areas of interest are education, primarily special projects for public schools and universities including numerous scholarship funds, cultural organizations and community-based organizations.

You can submit a grant application through our online form.  For more information about our activities and interests, or to submit a grant proposal, please feel free to contact the Foundation directly. 


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McCasland Foundation

Barbara M. Braught, Executive Director

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